BEST Staff and Advisors

Each student enrolled in the B.E.S.T program is assigned an advisor.  The advisor is a teacher who takes responsibility to be an advocate and support for the student, as well as directing the student's educational program.  The advisor prepares all reports charting the students progress and communicates often with parents, community school teachers, and other significant people.  The relationship established between the advisor and the student is vital since the advisor will assist the student in establishing and working toward specific academic and behavioral goals.

Jacqueline Berniklau

Owner and Director, Endorsed Principal  K-6, Principal 7-12, Superintendent K-12, Director of Special Education

Randall Philippi

(Director of Instruction, Math, Vocational Education)

Amy Offenbacker

(Social Studies)

Heather Sullivan-Rus

(English, ESL)

Amy Price

(Middle School)

Doug Kassemier

(Vocational Education)

Lynette Kenter

(Administrative Assistant)

Dave Jaquith

(Vocational Coordinator)

Russ Hanson

(Licensed Mental Health Practitioner)

Letroy Jones

(Chemical Dependency Counselor)

Norma Craig

(Self-Contained Classroom)

Sherri Reinsch

(Self-Contained Classroom)

John Quinlon

(Business Education, In-School Support)

Kelly Kimbrough

(Self-Contained Classroom, In-School Support)

Scott Shellburne

(Social Studies, PE, In-School Support)

Tammie Zitek
(Criminal Justice, In-School Support)

Dana Martin

(Self-Contained, In-School Support)

Andrea Cox

(One-on-One Para)

Sandy Freese

(Bus Driver)

Dr. Stephen Paden


Chase Spicer

(Criminal Justice, In-School Support)


Wade Spicer

(PE, In-School Support)

Tamma Newth

(Elementary, In-School Support)